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The Castells Reader on Cities and Social Theory

Опубликовано на портале: 25-11-2006
Изд-во: Blackwell Publishing Company, 2002, 448 с.
Manuel Castells, the most influential urban theorist of our time, has revolutionized modern thought on the processes of advanced capitalism and the generation of inequality. This collection of Castells' classic writing, which also includes two new essays written specifically for this book, reflects the panoramic breadth of his knowledge, the clarity of his approach, and the scholarly rigor and intellectual depth of his theoretical methods. Editor Ida Susser, through her own experience and collaboration with Castells, has selected his most significant essays and placed them within a theoretical and historical context. The Castells Reader on Cities and Social Theory is an essential resource for students and scholars of sociology, anthropology, political science, and urban studies.

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Manuel Castells: Conceptualizing the City in the Information Age: Ida Susser.
Part I: A Theoretical Approach to the City in Advanced Capitalism:
1. Urbanization (1972):
Epistemological Introduction.
The Historical Process of Urbanization.
The Urban Phenomenon.
2. The Urban Ideology (1972):
The Myth of Urban Culture.
From Urban Society to Urban Revolution.
The Urban Sub-cultures.
Part II: Social Movements and Urban Culture:
3. Immigrant Workers and Class Struggles in Advanced Capitalism: The Western European Experience (1975).
4. Collective Consumption and Urban Contradictions in Advanced Capitalism (1978).
5. City and Culture: The San Francisco Experience (1983).
San Francisco: The Social Basis of Urban Quality.
Urban Poverty, Ethnic Minorities and Community Organization: The Experience of Neighbourhood Mobilization in San Francisco's Mission District.
Cultural Identity, Sexual Liberation and Urban Structure: The Gay Community in San Francisco.
Methodological Appendix.
Part III: The City in the Information Age:
6. The Informational Mode of Development and the Restructuring of Capitalism (1989).
7. Information Technology, the Restructuring of Capital–Labor Relationships and the Rise of the Dual City (1989).
8. The Space of Flows (1996, second edition 2000).
9. The Culture of Cities in the Information Age (new essay ,1999).
Conclusion: Urban Sociology in the Twenty-first Century (new essay, 2000).
Bibliography of Urban and Regional Studies by Manuel Castells, 1967–2000.
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