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Aging and Generational Relations: Life-Course and Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Опубликовано на портале: 27-11-2006
Walter de Gruyter, 1995
This volume features some of the papers prepared by international scholars for a 1991 conference on "aging and generational relations over the life course" at the University of Delaware.

Introduction: Aging generations over the life course
Tamara K.Hareven

Kinship and care for the aged in traditional rural Iberia
Stanley Brandes

Household patterns of the elderly and the proximity of children in a 19th century city; Verviers, Belgium, 1831-1846
George Alter, Lisa Cliggett, Alex Urbiel

“The life stairs”: aging, generational relations, and small commodity production in Central Europe
Josef Ehmer

Aging in never empty nest: the elasticity of the stem family
Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux

The family, state support and generational relations in rural Ireland at the turn of the 20th century
Timothy W.Guinnane

Relations between older adults and their adult children in a 19th century Italian town
David I. Kertzer and Dennis P.Hogan

Retirement, inheritance, and generational relations: life-course analysis in historic Eastern Europe
Lars-Goran Tedebrand

Asymmetry in intergenerational family relations in Italy
Marzio Barbagli

Equity between generations in aging societies: the problem of assessing public policies
Anne-Marie Guillemard

Residence and family support systems for widows in 19th - and early 20th century-Texas
Jane Zachritz and Myron P.Gutmann

Living arrangements or the elderly in America: 1880-1980
Steven Ruggles

The generation in the middle: cohort comparisons in assistance to aging parents in an American community
Tamara K.Hareven and Kathleen J.Adams

Fathers and sons in rural America: occupational choice and intergenerational ties across the life course
Glen H.Elder, Jr., Elizabeth B. Robertson and Rand D. Conger

A well-being of aging Americans with very old parents
Dennis P.Hogan, David J. Eggebeen and Sean M. Snaith

Exchanges within black American three-generation families: the family environment context model
James S. Jackson, Rukmalie Jayakody and Toni C. Antonucci

The demography of the family care for the elderly
Douglas A.Wolf, Beth J. Soldo and Vicky Freedman

Types of supports for the aged and their providers in Taiwan
Albert I. Hermalin, Mary Beth Ofstedal and Ming-Cheng Chang

Familial support and the life course of Thai elderly and their children
John Knodel, Napaporn Chayovan and Sirivan Siriboon

Intergenerational support in Sri Lanka: the elderly and their children
Peter Uhlenberg

Some inter- and intracohort comparisons of generational interactions. From the acquisition of parental roles through postparenthood in Japan, 1914-1958
Kanij Masaoka and Sumiko Fujimi

Generational relations and changes as their affect the status of older people in Japan
Kiyomi Morioka

Generational relations: a future perspective
Matilda White Riley and John W. Riley. Jr.