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Family patterns, gender relations

Опубликовано на портале: 28-11-2006
Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2001

The second edition of Family Patterns, Gender Relations thoroughly examines the dynamics and patterns in family life. The 33 articles include a mix of classics and new work commissioned for the book. These readings, by leading scholars in Canada, the US, and the UK, help to build a thorough understanding of the relations through which people care for their children, themselves, and eachother. The book starts with a theoretical examination of what constitutes a family, examines the family as it has evolved historically, and then moves on to current issues, such as sexuality, childbirth, racial and ethnic diversity, and parenting.


Part One: Putting 'Family' in Perspective

Chapter 1. Felicity Edholm: The Unnatural Family
Chapter 2. Jane Collier, Michelle Z. Rosaldo, Sylvia Yanagisako: Is There a Family? New Anthropological Views
Chapter 3. Bonnie Fox and Meg Luxton: Conceptualizing Family

Part Two: Examining Family Diversity Across History and Culture

Section 1: Foraging Societies: Communal Households
Chapter 4. Patricia Draper: !Kung Women: contrasts in Sexual Egalitarianism in Foraging and Sedentary Contexts
Chapter 5. Eleanor Leacock: Women in an Egalitarian Society: The Montagnais-Naskapi of Canada

Section 2: Preindustrial Europe and North America: The Household Economy
Chapter 6. Tracey L. Adams: Women, Men, and the Family in Medieval England
Chapter 7. Louise A. Tilly and Joan W. Scott: The Family Economy in Modern England and France
Chapter 8. Bettina Bradbury: Gender at Work at Home: Family Decisions, the Labour Market, and Girls' Contributions to the Family Economy
Chapter 9. Nancy F. Cott: Domesticity
Chapter 10. Maxine Margolis: Putting Mothers on the Pedestal

Part Three: Twentieth-Century Developments

Chapter 11. Bonnie Fox: As Times Change: A Review of Trends in Personal and Family Life
Chapter 12. Meg Luxton: Wives and Husbands
Chapter 13. Stephanie Coontz: 'Leave It to Beaver' and 'Ozzie and Harriet': American Families in the 1950s

Part Four: Exploring the Many Facets of Personal Life and Family

Section 1: The Social Construction of Gender: Processes Creating Mothers, Wives and Breadwinners
Chapter 14. Jane Gaskell: The Reproduction of Family Life: Perspectives of Male and Female Adolescents
Chapter 15. Kathleen Gerson: hard Choices: Veering Toward Domesticity

Section 2: Sexuality and Love: Gendered Experiences
Chapter 16. Mariana Valverde: Heterosexuality: Contested Ground
Chapter 17. Wendy Hollway: Heterosexual Sex: Power and Desire for the Other

Section 3: Becoming a Mother, Becoming a Father, Doing Motherwork
Chapter 18. Diana Worts and Bonnie Fox: Making Labour Work: Women Negotiating Medicalized Childbirth
Chapter 19. Bonnie Fox: Reproducing Difference: Changes in the Lives of Partners becoming Parents
Chapter 20. Harriet Rosenberg: Motherwork, Stress, and Depression: The Costs of Privatized Social Reproduction

Section 4: The Gendered Division of Household Work
Chapter 21. Meg Luxton: Family Coping Strategies: Balancing Paid Employment and Domestic Labour
Chapter 22. Arlie Hochschild: The Third Shift
Chapter 23. Sedef Arat-Koc: The Politics of Family and Immigration in the Subordination of Domestic Workers in Canada

Part Five: Ethnic/Racial Diversity in Families

Chapter 24. Niara Sudarkasa: African-American Families and Family Values
Chapter 25. Carol Stack: Swapping: 'What Goes Round Comes Round'
Chapter 26. Agnes Calliste: Black Families in Canada: Exploring the Interconnections of Race, Class, and Gender
Chapter 27. Guida Man: From Hong Kong to Canada: Immigration and the Changing Family Lives of Middle-Class Women from Hong Kong

Part Six: Families That Challenge Conventional Patterns

Chapter 28. Fiona Nelson: Lesbian Families
Chapter 29. Bonnie J. Fox and Doreen Fumia: Pathbreakers: Some Unconventional Families of the Nineties

Part Seven: Other Family Matters

Chapter 30. Rosemary Gartner, Myrna Dawson, and Maria Crawford: Confronting Violence in Women's Lives
Chapter 31. Frank F. Furstenberg and Andrew J. Cherlin: Children's Adjustment to Divorce

Part Eight: Toward Change: Social Policies for Families

Chapter 32. Shelly A. Phipps: Lessons from Europe: Policy Options to Enhance the Economic Security of Canadian Families
Chapter 33. Rianne Mahon: Welfare State Restructuring and Changing Gender Relations: The Politics of Family Policy in Sweden and Canada