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The Sociology of the Family: A Reader

Опубликовано на портале: 28-11-2006
Great Britain: Blackwell Publishing Company, 1999, 376 с.
This volume provides students with the essential readings for understanding the dominant issues in the sociology of the family. The editor presents the reader with a collection of important writings that include recent and currently relevant material as well as the rich variety of empirical work conducted in this field. The book conveys the continuing significance of gender in analysing the family and explores the important links between social research and social policy. The volume offers an excellent introduction to anyone interested in understanding the complexity of contemporary family life. It will be essential reading for all those studying the family within sociology, social policy, social work, heath and welfare and gender studies courses.

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Part I: Changing Families: Introduction:

1. Social Reconstruction and the Emergence of Companionate Marriage, 1945-59:
Janet Finch and Penny Summerfield.
2. Liberalizing Heterosexuality?:
Gail Hawkes.
3. The One and the Many: Modernity and Post-Modernity:
David Cheal.

Part II: Marriage, Intimacy and Power: Introduction:

4. Love and Intimacy: The Gender Division of Emotion and 'Emotion Work': a Neglected Aspect of Sociological Discussion of Heterosexual Relationships:
Jean Duncombe and Dennis Marsden.
5. Partners by Choice: Equality, Power and Commitment in Non-Heterosexual Relationships:
Jeffrey Weeks, Brian Heaphy and Catherine Donovan.
6. Money, Power and Equality in Marriage:
Carolyn Vogler and Jan Pahl.
7. Uncovering Gender Differences in the Use of Marital Violence: The Effect of Methodology:
James Nazroo.

Part III: Domestic Organisation:

8. Cohabitation or Marriage? - Cohabitation:
Susan McRae.
9. Women's Work:
Nickie Charles and Marion Kerr.
10. The Household and the Labour Market:
Lydia Morris.

Part IV: Divorce and Lone-Parenthood:

11. Diversity and Ambiguity Among Lone-Parent Households in Modern Britain:
Graham Crow and Mike Hardey.
12. State, Family and Personal Responsibility: The Changing Balance for Lone Mothers in the United Kingdom:
Jane Millar.
13. The Interests of Children at Divorce:
Martin Richards.

Part V: Family, Kinship and Care. Introduction:

14. The Informal Sector of Welfare: A Crisis in Caring:
Hilary Graham.
15. Obligations of Kinship in Contemporary Britain: Is There Normative Agreement?
Janet Finch and Jennifer Mason.
16. Gender Differences in Informal Caring:
Sara Arber and Jay Ginn.
17. Living with Disability: The Experiences of Parents and Children:
Sally Baldwin and Jane Carlisle.