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Mothering and Ambivalence

Опубликовано на портале: 28-11-2006
Изд-во: Routledge, 1997, 216 с.
Parenting, lone motherhood and the breakdown of the family ae all subjects of current political and social debate in the West, and there is little agreement among cultural commentators on what mothers should be, what children need, and how those needs conflict with the needs of parents. Feminists have played a large part in these debates in recent years, reacting particularly to negative portrayal of lone mothers in the press and the implications thay they are the source of other social problems. Mothering and Ambivalence brings together authors from therapeutic, academic and social work backgrounds to address these issues, but counters the reluctance of current feminist literature to embrace psychoanalytic understandings of dependency, anxiety and identity. Drawing on extensive professional experience the contributors use psychoanalysis to go beyond the often simplistic claims of the political debate to mothering. In their discussions of parenting and gender relations within families, the authors also surmount the narrowness of purely feminist polemics, keeping in view the importance of the diverse identities for women who become mothers. For all who are frustrated with the polarised debate about women's and children's needs and rights, this book offers and intersubjective approach to the emotional life of mothers, examining what it feels like to mother amid the pressures of contemporary social life.

Notes on contributors
1. Introduction: crisis in the western family
By Brid Featherstone

2. The production and purposes of maternal ambivalence
By Rozsika Parker

3. Fathers' ambivalence (too)
By Stephen Frosh

4. The maternal bed
By Wendy Hollway

5. Mothers and daughters within a changing world
By Sheila Ernst

6. Mothers, parenting, gender development and therapy
By Susie Orbach, Wendy Hollway

7. The heaven and hell of mothering: mothering and ambivalence in the mass media
By Ros Coward

8. In the company of women: experiences of working with the lost mother
By Paddy Maynes, Joanna Best

9. Parting is such sweet sorrow: the romantic tragedy of a mother-child relationship
By Caroline Owens

10. Group-analytic psychotherapy: a site for reworking the relationship between mothers and daughters
By Sheila Ernst

11. 'I wouldn't do your job!': women, social work and child abuse
By Brid Featherstone

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