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Unions in the 21st Century. An International Perspective

Опубликовано на портале: 21-12-2006
New-York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004, 320 с.
This book presents a series of research essays on the state of unions in many different parts of the world. Written by leading researchers in the field it provides insights into the causes of union decline. But it goes beyond historical analyses to investigate the prospects for the future. Can unions organize in segments of the workforce such as the youth, women, low wage workers and those in the informal sector? Can unions network with other organizations such as NGOs nationally and internationally to gain power and influence?

Unions in the 21st Century: Prospects for Renewal; A.Verma & T.Kochan

The Future of Trade Unions; R.Hyman

Extended Networks: A Vision for the Next Generation Unions; T.Kochan, R.Locke, P.Osterman & M.Piore

Prospects for Union Growth in the US in the Early 21st Century; B.Kaufman

Employment Relations in New Zealand: The Role of the State vis-a-vis the Labour Movement; P.Walsh, R.Harbridge & D.Wilkinson

Crafting a Statutory Union Recognition Procedure that Works for the UK; S.Wood & S.Moore

Conservative Legislation and Trade Union Change; G.Lockwood

Union-Based Pension Funds and Social Investment: A New Role for Unions in the Economy; I.Carmichael

Workers' Knowledge: An Untapped Resource in the Labour Movement; D.Livingstone & R.Roth

Unions and Procedural Justice: An Alternative to the 'Common Rule'; D.Marsden

Changing Patterns of Unionization: The North American Experience, 1984-1998; C.Riddell & C.Riddell

Trade Union Survival and Women Workers in Australia; G.Strachan & J.Burgess

The ICFTU and and Trade Unions in the Developing Countries: Solidarity or Dependence?; R.Gumbrell-McCormick

Partnership and the Politics of Trade Union Policy Formation in the UK: The Case of the Manufacturing, Science and Finance Union; M.Martinez-Lucio & M.Stuart

Partnership: A Serious Strategy for UK Trade Unions? M.Terry

Negating or Affirming the Organizing Model? The Case of the Congress of South African Trade Unions; G.Wood

From Playstations to Workstations: Young Workers and the Experience-Good Model of Union Membership; R.Gomez, M.Gunderson & N.Meltz

Non-Governmental Organizations and Trade Unions: The Case of India; C.S.V.Ratnam & A.Verma