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Institutions, Production, and Working Life

Опубликовано на портале: 22-12-2006
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006, 376 с.
How do working life, the nature of production, and firms and institutions relate? How have these relationships changed over the last two decades? Contributors examine these issues, incorporating macro- and micro-level analyses. Draws on a range of different and disciplinary approaches, including regulation, institutional, and labour process theory. Contributors include: Robert Boyer, Rogers Hollingworth, Mick Marchington, Jill Rubery, Ray Hudson, Andrew Sayer, Russell Lansbury, Eddie Webster, Erik Olin Wright, and Jamie Peck.

Introduction: Institutions, Regulation, and Practice: Traditions and Modes of Understanding, Philip James and Geoffrey Wood

Part I: Rethinking Institutions, Society and Firm-Level Practices

2. How do Institutions Cohere and Change? The Institutional Complementarity, Hypothesis and Its Extension, Robert Boyer

3. Advancing Our Understanding of Capitalism with Niels Bohr's Thinking About Complementarity, Rogers Hollingsworth

4. Globalization and Working Life: A Comparative Analysis of the Automobile and Banking Sectors in Australia and Korea, Russell Lansbury, Jim Kitay, and Nick Wailes

5. The Production of Institutional Complementarity? The Case of North East England, Ray Hudson

6. Financial Change and European Employment Relations, John Grahl

Part 2: Continuity and Change in Working Life

7. The Blurring of Organizational Boundaries and the Fragmentation of Work, Damian Grimshaw, Mick Marchington, and Jill Rubery

8. The Limits of Numerical Flexibility: Continuity and Change, Geoffery Wood, Mark Harcourt, and Ian Roper

9. The Remaking of Work: Empowerment or Degradation? Jeff Hyman

10. Organizational Life: The Good, the Bad, and the Instrumental, Andrew Sayer

11. Varieties of Capitalism and Varieties of Firm, Chris Brewster, Geoffrey Wood, and Mick Brookes

12. 'Bear With Me. . . .': The Problems of Health and Well-being in Call Center Work, Chris Baldry, Phil Taylor, and Peter Bain

13. The Reshaping of Workplace Risks, Phil James

Part III: Changing Labor Markets and the New Outsiders

14. The Patterns of Job Expansions in the United States: A Comparison of the 1960s and the 1990s, Erik Olin Wright and Rachel Dwyer

15. Neoliberalization at Work: The Long Transition from Welfare to Workfare, Jamie Peck

16. Change and Continuity in Working Life, Phil James and Geoffrey Wood