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The new European rural policy: a comparative analysis across regions in the EU /доклад на 87 семинаре ЕААЕ, Assessing Rural Development Policies of the CAP, Vienna, Austria, 21-23 April 2004

Опубликовано на портале: 29-03-2005
The paper looks at the debate on economic development in rural areas and its influence on the evolution of European rural policies and on the concept of rurality itself, in order to clarify the main factors explaining the ‘logic of economic development’ in rural areas. To accomplish such objective, the main approach to rurality will be reviewed together with theories on economic development in rural regions and the changes in the nature and content of European rural policies over the last few decades. Secondly, the paper analyses the content of rural development regulation (RDR) in the EU, pointing out the enduring centrality, in the framework of EU policies, of agricultural concerns and the lack of a truly innovative place based rural policy, together with the emergence of a genuine tendency to the valorisation of the multifunctional role of agriculture. The objective is to verify at what degree the practice of rural development policies in different Member states incorporates new concerns linked to multifunctionality, environment and to the creation of new opportunities of rural employment. To accomplish this objective this paper presents a comparative analysis of the Rural Development Programmes, attaining at the “second pillar” of CAP, of three countries in the EU.

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