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Research Methodology in Strategy and Management

Опубликовано на портале: 23-04-2007
Boston: Elsevier Science, 2005, 2, 218 с.
Research methods present the strategic management field with great opportunities and challenges. This second volume of Research Methodology in Strategy and Management includes three types of chapters. One set of chapters describes challenges and opportunities inherent in particular content areas, including resource-based theory, strategic groups research, entrepreneurship, real options, and the construct of performance. A second group of chapters examine key ontological and epistemological issues in the strategic management context, including the relationship between theory and method, the human side of research methods, and mixed-level research. A final group of chapters describe how strategy researchers can better use particular methods. These methods include meta-analysis, Internet-based surveys, and cognitive mapping techniques. Collectively, the chapters offer state of the art thinking about research methodology provided by intellectual leaders within the management field

Testing Resource-Based Theory
J. Barney, T. Mackey

Mechanisms and Empirical Research
P. Bromiley, S. Johnson

Strategic Management Studies are a Special Case for Meta-Analysis
D.R. Dalton, C.M. Dalton

Balancing Theory and Technique: Methodological Issues in Strategic Groups Research
M. Shanley, M. Peteraf

Are Real Options "Real"?
T.B. Folta

Theory and Methodology in Entrepreneurship Research
R.D. Ireland, J.W. Webb, J.E. Coombs

The Problem of Method and the Practice of Management Research
K.D. Miller

Challenges and Guidelines for Conducting Internet-Based Surveys in Strategic Management Research
Z. Simsek, J.F. Veiga, M.H. Lubatkin

Multi-Theoretical Mixed-Level Research in Strategic Management
C.H. St. John

Cause Mapping in Strategic Management Research: Processes, Issues, and Observations
D.R. Gnyawali, B.B. Tyler

The Dimensionality of Organizational Performance and its Implications for Strategic Management Research
J.G. Combs, T.R. Crook, C.L. Shook