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The Nature of the Nonprofit Sector

Опубликовано на портале: 20-04-2007
Ред.: Steven J. Ott
Boulder: Westview Press, 2001, 350 с.
The Non-Profit Sector: An Overview is a collection of the most insightful and accessible writings about the nonprofit sector in the U.S. and its organizations. The book discusses everything from Andrew Carnegie's turn-of-the-century philosophy of philanthropy, to the most recent writings by current scholars and practitioners. Accordingly, the book contains previously published articles, chapters, and encyclopedia entries that present the most influential theories, concepts, and issues associated with the nonprofit sector. Furthermore, each chapter opens with a framing essay that identifies the central themes and issues presented within the chapter and provides an overview of sometimes competing points of view. Each framing essay also briefly summarizes the significance of the contribution of each writing to the development of knowledge in the field.

Foreword, Kirsten A. Grnbjerg


Part 1 Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector

  1. The State of the Independent Sector, Virginia Ann Hodgkinson and Murray S. Weitzman (1996)
  2. Scope and Structure: The Anatomy of America's Nonprofit Sector, Lester M. Salamon (1999)
  3. Voluntary Sector, Jacquelyn Thayer Scott (1998)
Part 2 The Sector's Distinctive Values and Contributions to Society
  1. Voluntarism, Jeffrey L. Brudney (1998)
  2. The Gospel of Wealth, Andrew Carnegie (1889) John H. Filer (1975)
  3. The Impact of the Volunteer Sector on Society, David Horton Smith (1973)
Part 3 Historical Evolution of the Sector
  1. A History of the Discipline, Stephen R. Block (1990)
  2. Inventing the Nonprofit Sector: 1950-1990, Peter Dobkin Hall (1992)
  3. A Brief History of Tax Policy Changes Affecting Charitable Organizations, Gary N. Scrivner (1999)
Part 4 The Rationale for Tax Exemption
  1. Tax-Exempt Organization, Christopher Hoyt (1998)
  2. Nonprofit Organization, Stephen R. Block (1998)
Part 5 Overview Theories of the Nonprofit Sector
  1. What Is the Nonprofit Sector and Why Do We Have It? Lester M. Salamon (1999)
  2. A New Approach: The Theory of the Commons, Roger A. Lohmann (1992)
Part 6 Economic and Political Theories of the Nonprofit Sector
  1. Government Failure Theory, Dennis R. Young (1998)
  2. Contract Failure Theory, Dennis R. Young (1998)
  3. And Lettuce Is Nonanimal: Toward a Positive Economics of Voluntary Action, Roger A. Lohmann (1989)
  4. Political Theories of Nonprofit Organizations, James Douglas (1987)
  5. Markets, Politics, and Charity: Nonprofits in the Political Economy, Kirsten A. Grnbjerg (1998)
Part 7 Social and Community Theories of the Nonprofit Sector
  1. To Empower People: The Role of Mediating Structures in Public Policy, Peter L. Berger and Richard John Neuhaus (1977)
  2. Nonprofit Organizations and Community, Steven Rathgeb Smith and Michael Lipsky (1993)
  3. On the Edge or In Between: Niche Position, Niche Overlap, and the Duration of Voluntary Association Memberships, Pamela A. Popielarz and J. Miller McPherson (1995)
Part 8 Organization Theories of the Nonprofit Sector
  1. The Sociology of Nonprofit Organizations and Sectors, Paul J. DiMaggio and Helmut K. Anheier (1990)
  2. Perspectives on Organizational Governance: Some Effects on Government-Nonprofit Relations, J. Steven Ott (1993)
  3. Explaining Organizational Change: A Contest of Ideas, Joseph Galaskiewicz and Wolfgang Bielefeld (1998)
Part 9 Giving Theories of the Nonprofit Sector
  1. What Is Altruism? Alan Wolf (1998)
  2. Why Donors Give, Joan Mount (1996)
  3. The Founding Fathers of Modern Philanthropy, Milton Goldin (1988)
  4. Satisfactions: The Call of Service, Robert Coles (1993)
Part 10 The Blending and Blurring of the Three Sectors: Nonprofit, Government, and Business
  1. Third Party Government, Dennis R. Young (1998)
  2. Voluntary Agencies and the Contract Culture: "Dream or Nightmare"? Ralph M. Kramer (1994)
  3. Resource Interdependence: The Relationship Between State Agencies and Nonprofit Organizations, Judith Saidel (1991)
  4. The Double-Edged Sword of Social Service Contracting: Public Accountability Versus Nonprofit Autonomy, James M. Ferris (1993)
  5. The Future of the Nonprofit Sector: Its Entwining with Private Enterprise and Government, Burton A. Weisbrod (1997)
Part 11 Challenges Facing the Nonprofit Sector
  1. Nonprofits at the Brink: Lean Budgets, Growing Needs, and the Fate of Nonprofits, Patrick J. McCormack (1996)
  2. The Current Crisis: Holding the Center, Lester M. Salamon (1997)

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