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Sales & Key Account Management

Опубликовано на портале: 26-04-2007
Изд-во: Thomson Learning, 2004, 304 с.
Тематический раздел:
This new core text focuses on all branches of selling and sales management, from personal selling through to key account management. It focuses on business-to-business selling as well as the sale of consumer products. It also includes a wealth of real examples used throughout the text and four major case studies at the end of each part. Case material is drawn from a range of diverse industries, both MNEs and SMEs--software corporations, major construction projects, cosmetics, small engineering companies and the B2C selling of home improvements and brown goods

  1. Selling and its strategic role
  2. Buyer behaviour
  3. Preparing to sell
  4. Sales presentation
  5. Selling to major accounts
  6. Recruitment
  7. Training
  8. Motivation and remuneration
  9. Forecasting and budgeting
  10. Monitoring and feedback
  11. Internationalisation
  12. Exhibitions and trade fairs
  13. Ethics, consumer protection and the law