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"This bood is unique in its thorough and up-to-date coverege of empirical results in the literature. The policy discussions are also well written and are nicely integrated with the presentation of the models... I strongly recommend it."
Peter Pedroni, Indiana University
"Paul Hallwood and Ronald MacDonald have written an outstanding textbook... With updated chapters on European monetary union, transition economies and developing countries - including discussion of the East Asian problems - the result is a handbook of encyclopedic range."
Jan Toporowski, South Bank University.
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1. Introduction
2. Some Basic Concepts in International Finance
3. Spot and Forward Exchange Rates: Some More Basic Ideas
4. Incom and the Balance of Payments
5. Macroeconomics in an Open Economy: The Mundell-Fleming Model and Some Extensions
6. International Policy Coordination
7. Purchasing Power Parity: Theory and Evidence
8. The Monetary Approach to the Balance of Payments
9. The Monetary View of Exchange Rate Determination
10. The Monetary Model: Futher Applications - Real Shocks and Exchange Regime Volatility
11. The Portfolio Balance Approach to the Determination of the Exchange Rate
12. Spot and Forward Exchange Rates and the Efficient Markets Hypothesis
13. Expectational Explanations for the Rejection of the Efficient Markets Hypothesis and the "News"
14. Currency Crises and Speculative Attacks
15. Exchange Rate Target Zones and "Dirty Floating"
16. The International Gold Standard: Theory and Experience
17. The Dollar Standard Today and During the Bretton Woods Era
18. Monetary Unions
19. International Capital Flows
20. Developing Countries, Balance of Payments Adjustment, and the International Monetary Fund
21. The Order of Liberalization in Developing Countries
22. Exchange Rates and Transition Economies
23. International Debt
24. International Monetary Reform
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