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This comprehensive textbook for a core course in modern macroeconomics deals with all the major topics, summarizes the important approaches, and gives students a coherent angle on all aspects of macroeconomic thought. Each chapter deals with a separate area of macroeconomics, and each contains a summary section of key points and a further reading list.

Readership: Lecturers, advanced undergraduate students, and graduate students in macroeconomics.

1. Who is who in macroeconomics?
2. Dynamics in aggregate demand and supply
3. Rational expectations and economic policy
4. Anticipation effects and economic policy
5. The macroeconomics of quantity rationing
6. The government budget deficit
7. A closer look at the labour market
8. Trade unions and the labour market
9. Search in the labour market
10. Macroeconomic policy, credibility, and politics
11. The open economy
12. Money
13. New Keynesian economics
14. Theories of economic growth
15. Real business cycles
16. Intergenerational economics, I
17. Intergenerational economics, II
Mathematical Appendix

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