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Mastering Basic Management is a fully comprehensive introduction to the principles and practice of management. This edition has been extensively revised to incorporate the latest developments in management thinking, and to include the effects on managerial practice and activities of the European Union, and globalisation of business. It also makes substantial reference to the changes in public services, and increased activity in the not-for-profit sector

1. An Introduction to Management
2. The Purpose and Nature of Management
3. The Directors
4. Objectives and Policy
5. Short-Range and Long-Range Forecasting
6. Planning
7. Corporate and Strategic Planning
8. Organisation (1)
9. Organisation (2)
10. Command or Direction
11. Co-ordination
12. Control
13. Motivation
14. Communication in the Organisation
15. Communication and People
16. The Manager
17. Functional Mangement
18. The Marketing Function
19. The Production Function
20. The Purchasing Function
21. The Research and Development Function
22. The Finance Function
23. The Personnel Function
24. Management Support Services
25. The Manager and Change