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International Handbook Of Trade Unions

Опубликовано на портале: 13-11-2007
Изд-во: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2005, 555 с.
This Handbook is an authoritative and invaluable reference tool, uniquely analyzing the forces governing unionism, union behavior and union impact from a variety of perspectives, both theoretical and empirical. The fourteen chapters are written in an accessible style by acknowledged leading specialists from the fields of economics and industrial relations. They offer a truly international perspective on this important subject. This superbly comprehensive Handbook examines the determinants of union membership, models of union behavior and the economics of strikes, as well as the effects of unions on wages, pay inequality and firm performance (to include innovation). It also analyzes trade unions as political actors and their impact on macroeconomic performance. Institutional detail is added in specific chapters documenting recent developments in the US and the UK, and prospects for a Europeanization of collective bargaining. A review of union density in more than 100 nations, is also provided.

1. Introduction; John T. Addison and Claus Schnabel

2. Determinants of Trade Union Membership; Claus Schnabel

3. Economic Models of Union Behaviour; Robin Naylor

4. Unions, Bargaining and Strikes; Peter Cramton and Joseph Tracy

5. Unions and Productivity, Financial Performance and Investment: International Evidence; David Metcalf

6. Collective Bargaining and Macroeconomic Performance; Robert J. Flanagan

7. Changes Over Time in Union Relative Wage Effects in the UK and the USA Revisited; David Blanchflower and Alex Bryson

8. Unions and the Wage Structure; David Card, Thomas Lemieux and W. Craig Riddell

9. Unions and Innovation: A Survey of the Theory and Empirical Evidence; Naercio Menezes-Filho and John Van Reenen

10. Trade Unions as Political Actors; Wolfgang Streeck and Anke Hassel

11. Unions and Unionism Around the World; Jelle Visser

12. Recent Changes in the Industrial Relations Framework in the UK; John T. Addison and W. Stanley Siebert

13. Europeanization of Collective Bargaining; Dieter Sadowski, Oliver Ludewig and Florian Turk

14. Contemporary Developments in and Challenges to Collective Bargaining in the United States; John Delaney


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