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Опубликовано на портале: 24-12-2003
Тематические разделы: Менеджмент, Общий и стратегический менеджмент
Тип: Платные

Type: Software
Title: OrgConR

Organizational Consultant is an expert system, which incorporates knowledge from a large body of literature on organizational theory and the knowledge derived from experts on organizational design. A central view is the assumption of the organization as an information processing entity and that organizational design has to match the demands for information processing with the information-processing capacity of the organization. The basic view is that the more uncertain the task, the more information processing is needed (Galbraith, Jay R. 1974. "Organizations design. An Information Processing view".

The knowledge base of Organizational Consultant has been developed on grounds of contingency theory. Burton and Obel (1998), and Baligh, et al (1996) developed a multidimensional contingency approach that relates organizational size, climate, strategy, technology, environment, and leadership preferences to organizational structure and design to assure an efficient, effective and viable organization. It is a systems model, which incorporates a simultaneous multidimensional concept of fit as discussed by Drazin and Van de Ven (1985). A system of decision rules, or rules that generally apply under specific sets of circumstances was developed. Each of these if-then rules has to be consistent with the contingency theory and with the information-processing argument.

Once a user describes the current organizational environment, Organizational Consultant compares that environment with the expert knowledge base and notes any "misfits". After having analyzed different parts of an organization Organizational Consultant provides recommendations.

It is thus important to understand that Organizational Consultant is a decision support system which requires the individual to contribute information to the decision making process. Organizational Consultant is not a "black box", where information that is entered is magically transformed into the best organizational design for a given corporation. Moreover, decision makers may choose to accept or reject some of the Organizational Consultant conclusions based on their understanding of the organization's situation.

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