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Опубликовано на портале: 22-12-2003
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iristaWarehouse - is an event driven warehouse management system (WMS) designed for the high-volume, complex, and ever-changing distribution environment. In addition to its capabilities to handle traditional warehouse functions, the system is architected with sophisticated workflow engines giving it unprecedented flexibility and capabilities to handle value-added processing and light manufacturing, transforming your static warehouse into a dynamic postponement center.

Advanced 3PL Capabilities

Support for third-party logistics functionality including inventory ownership, inventory management and allocation rules by customer, customer-specific, value-added processing and a sophisticated billing module enable public warehouse, third-party logistics and lead logistics providers to benefit from this full function logistics solution.

Simplified Material Handling Integration

Very often a sophisticated supply chain can benefit from the use of automated material handling technologies. Irista's parent company HK Systems is a leading provider of material handing equipment and integration services. Bridging the technology gap between Irista and HK Systems is iristaAutomate™ which enables iristaWarehouse to seamlessly control HK System's material handling technologies such as conveyor, sortation, pick-to-light and carousel products improving the efficiency and accuracy of your operations. iristaAutomate provides a packaged approach to controlling these systems.

Overview of iristaWarehouse's capabilities:

Inbound Processing
  • Yard Management
  • Receiving Door Scheduling
  • Receiving (ASN, Blind, Returns, Production, Transfers)
  • Inbound Value Added Processing (Inspection, Re-Pack, Returns)
  • Directed Putaway
  • Cross-Docking
Resource Management (Inventory, Facility, Labor)
  • Inventory Control (Serial Number, Lot, Owner, FEFO/FIFO)
  • Replenishment
  • Cycle Counting
  • Labor Management
  • Container Management
  • Re-Warehousing
Outbound Processing
  • Order (Wave) Planning
  • Inventory Allocation
  • Picking (Order, Batch, Bulk)
  • Cartonization
  • Outbound Value Added Processing (Kitting, Packing, Inspection)
  • Customer Compliance Labeling
  • Shipment Staging & Consolidation
  • Shipment manifesting and compliance labeling