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Marketing Fundamentals

Опубликовано на портале: 17-10-2003
Дисциплина: Marketing Fundamentals
Год: 2002
Язык: Английский
Тематические разделы: Менеджмент, Маркетинг

The course Marketing Fundamentals has been designed to provide students with a basic introduction to marketing concepts. It is intended to serve as a foundation for further studies in business by developing an overview of where the marketing function fits within the larger organization, what the roles and duties of a marketing manager are, and what frameworks marketing provides for helping with the conduct of a business. It aims to expose students to the basic concepts, tools and techniques in modern marketing and provide them opportunities to apply these in problem solving and decision making in the area of marketing. It is an introductory course designed to prepare students for further study across the broad spectrum of product, service, consumer, business-to-business, global and social marketing. The structure of this course puts emphasis on developing conceptual understanding of marketing problems. It will be taught in an application-oriented fashion. The various marketing management concepts and principles will be taught through brief lectures, tutorials, class discussions, problem solving and case analysis. The emphasis is on experience-based learning. The course will largely focus on the activities of a marketing manager operating within an individual firm.


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