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Corporate Financial Policy

Опубликовано на портале: 07-02-2003
Факультет: College of Business & Economics
Кафедра: Finance and Law Faculty
Год: Fall 1999
Язык: Английский
Тематические разделы: Экономика, Финансовая экономика, Финансовая экономика: Корпоративные финансы

This course is the second financial management course and is intended primarily for finance majors. Students are expected to have a basic understanding of financial management and securities markets. The course consists of (1) lectures, (2) discussions of financial management topics, selected readings, and current events, (3) written and oral reports, (4) quizzes, and (5) a final exam.

To develop techniques for corporate decision making under conditions of risk and to investigate the elements of corporate financial policy.
Upon completing this course, the student should be able to:
- Enhance analytic problem solving skills.
- Sharpen and refine written and oral communication techniques.
- Develop currency in the language of corporate finance.
- Determine the "best" solution to a problem among several alternatives in an environment of incomplete information.
- Understand the interactions and perspectives of various corporate stakeholders in the corporate finance decision-making process.
- Function under the demands and expectations of the corporate work environment

I. Fundamental Concepts
II. Strategic Investment Decisions
III. Strategic Financing Decisions
IV. Tactical Financing Decisions
V. Working Capital Management
Brigham, Gapenski, and Daves Intermediate Financial Management, Dryden Press 6th edition (1999) VI. Special Topics
VII. Basic Tools : A Review


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