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Social Class Inequality

Опубликовано на портале: 25-01-2003
Факультет: Department of Sociology
Год: 1999, spring
Язык: Английский
Язык оригинала: английский
Тематические разделы: Социология, Экономическая социология, Экономическая социология: Социально-экономическая дифференциация. Бедность, Социальная стратификация

In this class, you will be introduced to a sociological perspective on social class inequality. Sociologists study inequality in society by focusing primarily on class differences, power differences, and status differences, such as race and gender. These elements are linked together inextricably to create and reinforce inequalities. This course begins by exploring class, race, and gender inequalities in the educational system. Students groups research this topic and then present their findings in class. Next, we discuss some ways that sociologists explain class, race, and gender inequalities. The rest of the semester will be spent considering the different class positions of people in our society - the upper (ruling) class, the middle class, the working class, and finally the poor. Throughout the semester, we will pay particular attention to the impact of race and gender on class locations. This course is interactive, and students will be expected to participate in every class session, take part in one group presentation, and lead discussion twice over the course of the semester. While most students will not spend the rest of their lives taking multiple choice exams, they will need to learn how to communicate effectively with others. Participating and leading discussions and taking part in class presentations help develop this skill.


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