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From both sides now: the power of teamwork - fact or fiction?

Обновлено: 09-12-2010


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Despite the increasing focus on teams as a way of life in organizations, some of us have wondered whether teams are, in fact, the equivalent of Tagament for the contemporary organizational ulcers of under-empowered, under-affected employees who perform underpar. While it is hard to argue that teams might not be useful in many work situations, particularly where task interdependence is high, surely they cannot be the solution to all of our problems as some over-zealous practitioners would have us think. Moreover, while many people write about the importance of effective teams in professional publications, few hard empirical studies exist which substantiate beyond a doubt the claims made by the team proponents. Given сеrtain questions and concerns, Allan H. Church once again turned to several practitioners and researchers in the field for their reflections on the subject of teams.
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