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Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics

Обновлено: 09-12-2010


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DRUID was established in 1995, based on funding from the Danish Social Science Research Council (SSF) and the Danish Ministry of Industry. The objective of DRUID is to contribute to a better understanding of the dynamics of technical, structural and institutional change at the level of the single firm as well as at the inter-firm level and the level of the economy as a whole. Special attention is given to fundamental trends such as the growing importance of knowledge for competitiveness, the information technology revolution, and the internationalisation of the economy.


  • Past and upcoming events
  • The DRUID biannual conferences 1995-2003 (updated July 25 2003)
  • The PhD activities, organised within the DRUID Academy
  • Downloadable DRUID Working Papers for 1996-2003 (updated August 4, 2003) (PDF files)
  • Search the DRUID paper database: 839 downloadable Working Papers and Conference Contributions since 1995 (PDF files)
  • Annual Reports (PDF files)
  • Descriptions of DRUID databases (PDF files)