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Сайт журнала Supply Chain Management Review

Обновлено: 09-12-2010


Тематические разделы:

Supply Chain Management Review is an executive-level publication dedicated to the art and science of moving goods to market. Our readers are senior managers responsible for their companies' supply chain activities. Readers also include educators and management consultants who need to keep current with the latest supply chain trends. We are published six times a year by Reed Business Information.

Each issue of Supply Chain Management Review provides comprehensive coverage of a wide range of supply chain management issues. The editorial package includes in-depth feature articles, exclusive columnists, professional development opportunities, a complete listing of information resources.

Exclusive Columns

  • Technology—An inside look at the supply chain technology that is revolutionizing how goods are brought to market. This exclusive is written by experts from AMR Inc., a world leader in supply chain technology research and analysis.
  • Global Links—A look at best practices in global supply chain management. This regular column is contributed by recognized authorities in international business and supply chain management.
  • Insights—A unique perspective into the business trends affecting todays supply chain professionals. The Insights column is written by Dr. Bernard J. (Bud) LaLonde, an internationally respected educator and author.
  • Profiles in Leadership—This new feature examines the characteristics of supply chain excellence from the perspective of top supply chain practitioners and industry leaders.

High-Readership Departments

  • Enrichment—A detailed update on professional development opportunities for supply chain executives.
  • Resources—Information on books, Web sites, and other resources to help executives manage their supply chains more effectively.

На сайте находится архив журнала с 1997 года, доступ к архиву платный. Кроме этого на сайте есть информация о редакторском совете и условиях подписки, а так же ссылки на тематические ресурсы. В свободном доступе находятся тексты лишь некоторых статей, есть доступ к исследовательским отчетам и кейсам, для этого необходимо зарегистрироваться. Журнал издается в США, периодичность выхода журнала - один раз в два месяца.