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International Warehouse Logistics Association

Обновлено: 09-12-2010


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IWLA is the unified voice of the global warehouse logistics industry, representing 3PLs (third-party logistics providers), public and contract warehouse companies and their suppliers. Since 1891, our Association has been working to promote, advance, protect and serve the outsourced warehousing and logistics industry. The 550 IWLA members worldwide operate nearly 400,000,000 square feet of public and contract warehouse space and provide the most timely and cost-effective global logistics solutions for their customers.

The International Warehouse Logistics Association is an organization of companies, which fosters and promotes the growth and success of public and contract warehousing and related logistics services.

Our organization serves third-party warehousing based logistics firms, warehouse/logistics divisions of industry firms, and warehouse logistics professionals around the world. The Association is the voice of the industry: setting standards, legal frameworks and best practices for the warehousing logistics industry for over 100 years.

Members of the Association receive services including free legal assistance, marketing assistance and group purchasing programs. The Association's members own their own insurance company (passing cost savings to members), holds an annual convention each year, produces world-class educational programs, and is the voice of the industry around the globe.