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“The role of E-Government in a process of creating the regional positive image”

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Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2010

The paper deals with forming e-Government for building the effective state management system in Russia and the analysis of e-Government elements’ influence towards creating a positive image of Russian regions in order to support their competitiveness on a worldwide scale. The concept “e-Government” means to connect administration processes with technological solutions in a certain environment that makes governmental organizations promote citizen-oriented strategies and increase the efficiency of their activity and the openness of information. Nowadays one of the most pressing objectives in Russia is to build an effective system of state administration. The corruption of state machinery and bureaucratism are the main barriers preventing economic growth of Russia, the development of small and medium business, the inflow of foreign investments into the country. The President of Russia, D. Medvedev, emphasized the importance of this problem and headed the Anticorruption Council. However, Russian business reputation on the world arena consists of the reputation of the subjects of the Russian Federation. That’s why the defining factor for the reputation of the country is the policy of the regional authorities in the forming of a favourable image of the territory in order to create the effective administration system. Today the reformation of the state sector through the development of the conception of e-Government is one of the most promising tendencies of the administrative reformation in the world.

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