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New Forms of Public-Private Partnership in Japan

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Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2010
The article reviews some new forms of public-private partnerships in infrastructure that received a stimulus in Japan in recent years. Specifically the system of «authorized managers» which became one of the most demanded models of PPP is being examined in detail. The «admittance» of private business to the management of state property objects is considered to be an effective tool to upgrade the level of services provided to the people, to cut the costs and to stimulate economic activities. The spectrum of spheres the system of «authorized managers» is introduced to is quite broad and includes municipal housing construction, management of various state objects – sports ground, culture facilities, libraries, museums, parks, parking, etc. Success stories of this kind of PPP’s are exemplified as well as problems and weaknesses of the system are analyzed scrupulously. The author draws a conclusion that the utilization of the «contract management» system in infrastructure in Japan will not only proceed smoothly but will also expand in scale in the near future.
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