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How corporate news influence company stock price

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Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2010
Корпоративные финансы. 2009.  № 1 (9). С. 41-69. 
Both, business and academic communities agree that corporate news do affect the company market value. Empirical data shows that once released in the open, corporate news often lead to a rather predictable investor reaction. This investor reaction depends on a great number o factors: whether the news is good or bad, what type of corporate event has lead to the news, how broad is the analyst coverage of the company, what were the preceding company and analyst forecasts, prevailing stock market dynamics at the time, type of company shares, and a dozen of other factors. In our work, we attempted to put together disjoint empirical data, filter out the most significant common factors, determine their influence on the company value, and come up with a coherent big picture. Thereby we have developed a conceptual model that describes what kind of news and under what conditions will influence the company stock price this way or the other. We also propose a qualitative methodology for estimating the influence of news on the stock price. Our model and methodology are meant to help companies to better anticipate market reaction to their corporate announcements, and therefore correct possible negative impact leading to overall more efficient value based management. Key words: company value, behavioural finance, corporate news, news announcement, investor relations
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