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The Making of Economic Society. Twelfth Edition

Опубликовано на портале: 17-12-2009
Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 2008, 227 с.
With its roots in history and eyes on the future, this book traces the development of our economic society from the Middle Ages to the present, offering a balanced perspective of why our economy is the way it is and where it may be headed. It explores the catalytic role past economic trends and dynamics–particularly capitalism–have played in creating the present challenges we face, and offers suggestions on how we may deal with them most effectively in the future. Chapter topics include the economic problem, the premarket economy, the emergence of market society, the industrial revolution, the great depression, the rise of the public sector, modern capitalism emerges in Europe, the golden age of capitalism, the rise and fall of socialism, the globalization of economic life, and why some nations remain poor. For individuals interested in the economic history.


1 The Economic Problem 1

The Individual and Society 2

Production and Distribution 5

Three Solutions to the Economic Problem 8

2 The Premarket Economy 17

The Economic Organization of Antiquity 18

Economic Society in the Middle Ages 26

Prerequisites of Change 37

3 The Emergence of Market Society 42

Forces of Change 42

Appearance of the Economic Aspect of Life 53

The Invention of Economics 60

4 The Industrial Revolution 69

A Great Turning Point 70

The Industrial Revolution in the Perspective of Theory 83

5 The Impact of Industrial Technology 93

Impact of One Invention 94

The General Impact of Technology 96

The Rise of Unionism 99

Mass Production 101

Agents of Industrial Change 104

6 The Change in Market Structure 109

The Rise of Big Business 110

Big Business Today 116

The Economic Impact of Big Business 121

Power and Responsibility 124

7 The Great Depression 134

Critical Role of Capital Formation 144

8 The Evolution of Guided Capitalism 149

Instruments of Policy 159

9 The Drift of European Economic History 166

European Capitalism 166

Recovery of European Capitalism 171

10 The New International Economy 178

The United States in the World Economy 180

Behind the Turnabout 181

International Production 184

Underdeveloped Systems 189

11 The Dynamics of Capitalism 195

Capitalist Dynamics 197

Inflationary Capitalism 203

Unemployment 207

12 The Options Before America 212

Controlling Inflation 212

Combating Unemployment and Recession 216

An International Economic Policy 219

13 Socialism and Capitalism 225

The Soviet System 227

Prospects for Capitalism 237

A Last Word 239

Index 243

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