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New advantages of the activities and modeling qualities of the leading staff of the higher education establishments

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Опубликовано на портале: 25-04-2010
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The report shows the socio-economic conditions of the market economics, which defines new advantages of manager's activity of the educational establishments and raise sharply a question about the necessity of growing professionalism in the educational establishments' management, special training of its leading staff and its reserves. The task of effective realization of management functions expects that contemporary manager of higher education institute possesses all necessary components of manager skill: to cooperate with people of different level (students, post-graduate, professors, auxiliary staff, parents, business partners, the heads), to establish business and creative relations with colleagues, etc. It's impossible to become competitive and to manage effectively by the department or higher educational establishment without presence of certain level of manager's professional competence (also managerial, economic, scientific, pedagogical, and legal). Thus makes high demands to professional training of personnel of higher educational structures. That's why it is necessary to coordinate all possibilities to organize uninterrupted training of this category of personal, taking in consideration desires, that lay claim to professional and personal qualities of managers according to the field of higher education.
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