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Социальные последствия экономической рецессии 2008-2009 гг.: результаты зарубежных исследований

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Опубликовано на портале: 19-08-2010
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The paper analyses how the economic behavior, expectations, social attitudes and consumer preferences of the American people changed over the period of the crisis. We show that there is no age group which could avoid the stroke of the crisis, but the configuration and scope of problems affected the people as well as their reaction did depend on their age. High competition between the age and gender groups is still observed on labour markets; moreover, the crisis intensified it. Economic difficulties have a strong impact on the American peoples' life expectations and solidarity. Nevertheless, the firm belief that people's diligence and energy may ensure their moving forward in spite of any unfavorable economic conditions remains among the American people, and makes them feel mobilized for action.
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