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CONFESSIONS OF SINGLE MOTHERS: An ethnographic analysis of the survival strategies and the violation of rights of single mothers in a transition economy

Опубликовано на портале: 02-08-2010
Москва, 1999


The author 


Marina Kiblitskaya was born in 1962 in Moscow and is now a senior research fellow with the Institute for Comparative Research into Labour Relations (ISITO).  She has her candidate’s degree in sociology (1993) and a PhD in Sociology (1998).


In 1991 Marina participated along with 20 other Russian sociologists in the third summer school for Soviet sociologists held at Manchester University funded by George Soros.


Marina gained her candidate’s degree from the sociology faculty of Moscow State University in 1992, having defended her thesis: ‘A sociological analysis of social tension in a labour collective’.


Between 1993 and 1998, Marina studied at Warwick University in Great Britain for her PhD, thanks to the financial support of George Soros.  Her thesis was entitled: ‘Formal and Informal Relations: Comparative Case Studies of the Privatisation of Russian and British Railway Repair Plants’.


Between 1992 and 1999 Marina also participated in the projects ‘The restructuring of management relations in Russian enterprises’ under the leadership of Professor Simon Clarke (Warwick University, Great Britain):  ‘Female Breadwinners in Russia: a view through the generations’ (under the leadership of Doctor Sarah Ashwin (INTAS): ‘Household survival strategies: a survey of public opinion in four Russian cities’ (Moscow, Samara, Kemerovo, Syktyvkar):  ‘The management of innovation in Russian enterprises’ (INCO-COPERNICUS): and ‘Temporary female migrants on the Russian labour market’.




Chapter 1.  Confessions of single mothers

1.  Larisa (Domodyedovo, Moscow region): Diary

2.  Irina (Kaluga): Diary

3.  Valentina (Kaluga)

4.  Ol’ga (Kaluga): Comments on some of the problems facing single mothers

5.  Galina (Kaluga): Essay about my life

6.  Nina (Domodyedovo): Diary

7.  Lyubov’ (Moscow): Thoughts about my life

8.   Lyena (Moscow): Life history


Chapter 2.  Single mothers: yesterday, today and tomorrow

Main terminology and analytical approach of the research

Literature review

More contemporary research

The position of single mothers in the Soviet Union

Contemporary statistics on single and divorced mothers

The economic position of single mothers: do they live better than everyone else?

Single mothers and contemporary public opinion

The attitude of official bodies to single mothers


Chapter 3.  The violation of single mothers’ rights and the defence strategies employed by them

General characteristics of the level of legal consciousness in Russia

Single mothers’ rights

A hierarchy of the position of single mothers and of the violation of their rights

The violation of the rights of working single mothers

The right to the timely payment of wages

Unlawful redundancy

Cases of unlawful redundancy

The violation of the rights of unemployed single mothers

The violation of the rights of single mothers in other spheres

The lack of information

Defence mechanisms


Chapter 4.  Survival strategies of single mothers


Chapter 5.  Research methodology


Conclusions and recommendations

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