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Eff ects of legislations: assessment and amendment

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Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2010
A lot of legislations are made in the process of public administration, municipalmanagement and economic activity of the respective offices. Th oughthese acts of legislation help to solve important aspects of socio-economic development,their quality does not provide effective management, regulation andmonitoring. Th e eff orts made to prepare and pass the bills are not always adequatetheir realization actions and analysis of their eff ects. A group of scientists fromthe Institute of Legislations Research and some law professors (U.A.Tihomirov,E.V. Cherepanova, B.M. Baranov) analyze this hypothesis within the frame work of the theme “Monitoring is a means to analyze the effects of normativelegal acts”. Th e research is provided by the program of fundamental scientifi cresearches of the State University – Higher School of Economics. Th e articleconsiders the results of the research.
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