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How helping professionals construct the problems of Roma families: contribution of general and specific stereotypes about parenting

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Опубликовано на портале: 31-12-2010
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Professionals notice an extremely insufficient level of children’s rights and needs provision in Roma community and the same time non-efficient strategies of intervention with Romani families. Their approaches towards family assessment are based on the traditional “Western” concept of parenting as well as stereotypes about Romani families and Romani culture. These two sources of professional opinion stipulate strengthening of prejudices both concerning the parenting in general and Romani parents in particular. The essential elements of specialists’ position are as follows: an assurance that the parents are key responsible people for child welfare, and a conviction that Romani parents do not have required competencies and potential for child development. As a result, considerable part of helping professionals demonstrates “deadlock” viewpoint on possibility to involve Romani community into inclusion of their children. 
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