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Гендерная идентичность и конструирование памяти кризисных моментов истории: женские стратегии выживания

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Опубликовано на портале: 09-11-2010
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The article is devoted to the analysis of the Ukrainian women.s autobiographicalnarratives, whose youth has concurred with the war and post-war periods of the Soviethistory. The methodology of research is based on principles of gender theory, oralhistory and the philosophy of everyday life. The qualitative methods of the analysis ofinterview are used by the author. The purpose of research is: reconstruction of thesources of women.s identity forming in the Soviet (Stalinist) period, the ways of theirsexual individualization under conditions of the totalitarian authority, correlation ofpersonal and public events in the women.s memory of the senior generation. The resultof research is: description of different strategies of the women.s individualities.adaptation to the requirements of the totalitarian authority, which can be defined as: a.protest type. (critical in relation to official values), a .romantic femininity. (adaptingto official gender requirements), .a flirting with the authority. (aspiring to become a.part. of totalitarian authority). Each of these strategies assumes a physical survival inconditions of totalitarian culture by breaking, or, on the contrary, preservation ofindividual system of moral values.
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