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A universal electronic map(survey of the provisions of the Statute)

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Опубликовано на портале: 09-02-2011
This article is devoted to the consideration of the Federal Statute № 210-F3 of 27 July 2010 “About the organization of state and municipal servicesprovision”. Th is is connected with a change for an electronic way of providingpublic administration services and executing its functions by using a universalelectronic map. Th e Statute gives, for the fi rst time, a defi nition of the universalelectronic map. It has provisions on the organization of the activity to issue, togive out and to operate electronic maps, as well as provisions about the order ofgiving out and delivering universal electronic maps; about the refusal of peopleto receive the map; about providing citizens with services within the frameworkof the electronic bank supplement. Th e Statute fully refl ects the currentsituation in the organization of providing public and municipal administrationservices.
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