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EU Decision Making Models in Global Governance

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Опубликовано на портале: 21-01-2011
Вестник международных организаций. 2009.  № 2. С. 126-130. 

Zuev Vladimir – professor, PhD in Economics, Head of International Economic Organizations and European Integration Department, Faculty of World Economics and World Politics of the State University – Higher School of Economics

The article explores EU decision making models in global governance. Emphasizing unique nature of a mechanism of European integration based on rational approach to a decision-making process, article discloses basic principles of this mechanism. Possible options for several EU elements to be integrated into the practice and functioning of modern global institutions are analyzed. As well as good and negative consequences expected to come from the usage and further strengthening of subnational elements in international regulations, first of all in economic area. Such questions as “What kind of forms of the international economic regulation – international or subnational - to be applied within different international organizations, e.g. UN, could be more effective?”, and “Why model of the European Union enjoys success and popularity among member and neighboring countries?” are addressed herewith.

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