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Establishing Russia’s International Development Assistance Policy

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Опубликовано на портале: 18-01-2011
Вестник международных организаций. 2010.  № 2. С. 196-215. 

Mark Rakhmangulov, Deputy Director of the Informational-Analytical G8 Research Centre of the International Organisations Research Institute (IORI) of the State University – Higher School of Economics; E-mail: MRakhmangulov@hse.ru

The paper analyses the process of establishment and development of the national system of international development assistance in Russia. The analysis covers the period starting from 2005 when key national priorities for international development assistance (IDA) were set and amounts of foreign aid were substantially increased in the threshold of the Russia’s G8 summitry preparations. The establishing structure of governance, the aid flows and amounts of allocated ODA, as well as basic and new funding priorities in the sphere of IDA are described on basis of analysis of official documentaries, statements and speeches of officials, and statistics available for public access. The focus is also given to the Russia’s participation in multilateral international organizations and institutions in the sphere of development cooperation. Basing on the results from the analysis the author came up with recommendations to adjust the Concept of Participation of the Russian Federation in International Development Assistance, in particular its certain statements, as well as on more active cooperation with national and international NGOs active in the field.

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