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Cross Border Mobility of Students: A perspective from BRIC Сountries

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Опубликовано на портале: 09-03-2011
Социология науки и технологий. 2010.  № 1. С. 118-125. 
Policies of economic liberalization have transformed the socio-economic structure across the world. This has led to a fl ow of knowledge and ideas by increasing the cross-border mobility of students, in particular, from developing countries to developed countries. It has also aff ected higher education and students from developing countries who are looking towards the USA and Europe for their studies. Though the mobility of students to other countries for higher education is not a recent phenomenon, it has recently increased signifi cantly. Consequently, host countries are making eff orts to attract more foreign students to their universities. We observe that newly industrialized countries, such as India and China, are a major source of international students and are the largest recipients of US science and engineering doctoral degrees. Therefore, in this paper we attempt to analyse the emerging pattern of student migration for higher education from BRIС countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) to the USA and vice versa. The analysis indicates that BRIC countries off er a big market for fl ow of students to the USA, which could aff ect future pathways of international students’ mobility.
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