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Values and Norms of Sociological Profession on the Sites of Departments and Chairs

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Опубликовано на портале: 17-03-2011
The issue of values and norms existing in sociologists’ professional community is examined on the example of socializing texts addressed to students by lecturers of sociology at the Universities. The analysis of addresses to applicants and students of sociology on the sites
of 111 Departments and Chairs preparing them is carried out. These addresses are considered to be representative fragments of professional discourse in University sociology. Lecturers’ ideas on the role of sociological science in the life of society, on professional values and norms, as well as on the spheres of sociological education application are scrutinized. Mass and non-mass value attitudes characterizing sociologists’ professional community are singled out. The research findings show that the majority of sociological Departments and Chairs from the beginning turn their applicants to getting «broad»education which will help them to find a job outside sociology;they demonstrate pragmatic attitude to education and actually do not put
normative restrictions on sociologists’ professional activity. From mass discourse perspective the state needs sociological science for effective managing the society, therefore social function of sociologists involves advising the authorities’ representatives. Non-mass attitude is opposite in its meaning:it prepares students to work in their professional field, stresses the values of commitment and social good, place normative demands on young people. Sociological science is viewed as a resource of society modernization from inside through popularization of scientific achievements and social reflection brought about by it.
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