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Serguei Alex. Oushakine. The Patriotism of Despair: Nation, War, and Loss in Russia. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2009

Опубликовано на портале: 14-10-2011
Laboratorium. Журнал социальных исследований. 2011.  № 2. С. 104-106. 
Тематический раздел:
A  leading  voice  of  social  anthropology  on  the  post-socialist  world,  Serguei Oushakine has for some years published a consistent body of work on questions regarding changes  occurring  in  post-Soviet  societies,  including  Travma-punkty  co-edited  with Elena Trubina in 2009, which explored the social aftermath of biographical and collective breaking points, and more recently In Marx’s Shadow: Knowledge, Power, and Intellectuals  in Eastern Europe and Russia, co-edited with Costica Bradatan in 2010 and devoted to the transformations of the intelligentsia after the fall of the Soviet Union.
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