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Subcultural resources and practices of youth as overcoming of social limits (on the materials of ethnographic study of skinheads group)

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Опубликовано на портале: 21-11-2011

The article describes the role of subculture resources in youth community (on example of Vorkuta’s skinheads) that helps to overcome structural limitations. Social background as a compilation of real and potential resources has its influence on cultural strategy choice, but how it acts in life trajectories of a certain people could be understood only through analysis of ethnographic material. This article shows that not all cultural interests and practices of informants are kept in line with official skin ideology, that makes us willing to understand them as people who live their own, regular life, who fill it with their own meanings, aspirations, tastes, interpretations, for whom the subcultural choice was linked rather with overcoming of class limitations, construction of “advanced” life strategy in the gopnik mainstream environment, than with conscious acceptance and understand of skin ideology.

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