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Contemporary Discoursive Confrontation of Russian Nationalists and Federal Authorities

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Опубликовано на портале: 07-02-2012
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Changes in nationalistic rhetoric of «the first figures», political parties, social movements, mass media during two recent years are examined in the article. This rhetoric focuses in fact on two points – problems of people of Caucasian origin and the phenomenon of the so called ethnobanditism, i.e. allegedly increased criminal
activity of ethnic minorities in Russia. The rhetoric of «inter-ethnic conflicts» in social discourse was given a new impulse by the riots in Manezhnaya square in Moscow in December 2010. The author analyzes the changes in the following these events statements of the first figures of the country (V.Putin and D. Medvedev), representatives of regional elites, leaders of political parties including «out-of system opposition» (V.  Milov’s group «Solidarnost’»), of nationalistic movements and their leaders (M. Remizov, K. Krylov), of religious organizations (Vsev. Chaplin). The author draws a conclusion that the authorities’ claims for desirable unification of the country as well as the social forces reaction to them still look vague and contradictory.
The Character of the Russian Socie
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