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Federal districts on the Russian migration map

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Опубликовано на портале: 28-09-2012
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In our opinion, the Russian economy may experience the sudden changes in labor supply in future. A labor market could yield not much if a governmental decision on higher permissive retirement age, motivated by a deficit of the Russian Pension Fund but not a higher labor demand, is approved. It is obviously that to suspend depopulation in the country would be possible only by a higher migration component, and Russia could attract a necessary number of immigrants. However, both an ineffective governmental policy in relation to a legal immigrant status and illegal statuses of most immigrants impact the quality of a flow of immigrants and a share of legal immigrants rather than a size of the flow. A further western orientation of the migration and its centripetal character could be regarded as a long-standing trend. A demographic crisis and in particular its component - migration, could stronger polarize the Russian territory economically, as well as inhabited areas of Russia within all regions could shrink not only in the east to west direction, but also from peripheries to centers.
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