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Contemporary Russian bourgeoisie (the trial economic sketch)

русская версия

Опубликовано на портале: 11-05-2013
TERRA ECONOMICUS. 2013.  Т. 11. № 1. С. 9-28. 
Тематический раздел:
One of the few papers dealt with origin and status of, both present and future, contemporary Russian bourgeoisie is represented by famous Russian economistH.I. Khanin. The article reveals the difference between the Russian bourgeoisie and the bourgeoisie of other countries — namely, the difference of qualitative character — related to principally illegitimate way of rising of the former. Quantitative assessment of contemporary Russian bourgeoisie is given; division between the big, the middle and the petty bourgeoisie is demonstrated; dynamics of certain stages of post-soviet economy development, along with bourgeois sector's efficiency compared to the public sector and soviet period activities are estimated, — based on official data processing. Strengths (flexibility, initiative, passionarity) and weaknesses (avidity, low innovativeness) of contemporary Russian bourgeoisie are shown in the paper. The four scenarios describing the Russian bourgeoisie's future — subject to the action of the government and the bourgeoisie itself — are presented by the author. The answer to the famous question put by Lech Walesa more than 20 years ago — Is it possible to form «the capitalist aquarium» out of «the socialist fish soup»?—is given in the article. Furniture industry which evolved, according to the alternative estimation, much faster than the official data indicate, is considered by the author in order to illustrate methodological and methodical issues related to the bourgeoisie's efficiency measuring.
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