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Clustering of economic space in the region in the context of forming food industry

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Опубликовано на портале: 19-12-2015
TERRA ECONOMICUS. 2015.  Т. 13. № 3. С. 99-109. 
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The term «food industry», usually found in the names of exhibitions, fairs, headers printed or electronic media advertising, covering the operation of enterprises and organizations related to the agricultural sector, as well as to the food sector of the regional economy. The problem of formation and development of food industry in research projects rises extremely rare and one-sided. Deficiency of publications devoted to the development of theoretical and methodological principles of formation and development of the food industry, has caused the need for the research, intermediate results are presented in this article. The authors argue the need for inclusion in food industry not only-governmental organizations of the agricultural sector and the food industry, but also organizations in the sphere of medicine, education, health care, physical culture and sports that their joint consolidated efforts can have a positive impact on increasing the level and quality of life of our the country through creating a culture of production and consumption of food. According to United Nations estimates, the mortality rate in Russia is 13 times higher than in the United Arab Emirates and is almost two times higher than in France, Canada, the United States. The causes of death are diseases of the circulatory system (55%), cancer (15%), diseases of the digestive system (4.5%), the environment (8.7%), including alcohol poisoning (0.6%). Thus, the population of Russia is being «killed» by disorders of the heart and blood vessels, which are not only and not so much with age-related changes and hereditary factors. The risk group includes people suffering from obesity, have harmful habits (smoking, excessive alcohol consumption) who have no physical activity, leading a passive life. Industry Sale-discontent, in our opinion, should encompass all the related food production sector and perform the following functions: informative, production, distribution, publicity. By engaging in the structure of the regional members of the food sector and related sectors, the food industry should contribute to the achievement of the main objectives of regional development - improving the level and quality of life. Presented in the paper analytical data, arguments, conclusions and recommendations reveal the prospects for the formation of food industry in the region as the concentration of the region's most competitive institutions carrying out their activities in order to provide the population with food, building a culture of food consumption and improve the quality of life of the population.
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