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The Actors of the Request for Institutional Changes in Modern Russia (the Socio-psychological Context)

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Опубликовано на портале: 19-10-2019
On the basis of the FCTAS RAS monitoring study (April 2018), the socio-psychological characteristics of the two groups modern Russians – supporters of institutional change and supporters of stability – are compared. The analysis is based on the approach proposed by T. Garr, the author of the classic study "Why people rebel", according to which the protest public sentiment associated with the desire for qualitative institutional change, due primarily to socio-psychological factors (primarily, relative deprivation). It is shown that in modern Russia supporters of change are really more frustrated by their social status than supporters of stability. In addition, the supporters of change have wider set of life plans, they are eager to achieve extraordinary success in life than the supporters of stability. At the same time, they more rarely realized desired life models in the past. Supporters and opponents of institutional change perceive the social processes taking place in the country differently: supporters of change are less rated already occurred changes in the country as positive and future perspectives are drawn to them in darker colors than to the supporters of stability. These trends characterize the growth of prerequisites for the next qualitative change in the "rules of the game" in Russia, but they do not correspond to the situation of the acute phase of the national crisis, but rather to the situation of uncertainty, expectation of new events.
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