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Late for the Third Educational Revolution (Comparative Analysis of Human Capital of Russian Professional Specialists)

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Опубликовано на портале: 22-07-2020
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The authors focuses on the question of the quality of the human capital of profession-als in modern Russia in comparison with the similar characteristics of workers and profes-sionals in 17 foreign countries. The comparative analysis is based on the data of the Interna-tional Social Research Program ISSP «Work Orientation». In addition to the database for 2015, the data on similar ISSP studies for 2005 and 1997 were used. Identification of the professional status was carried out on the basis of the classifier ISCO-08. Summary esti-mates show that over the past decade there has been a significant lag in the characteristics of human capital of Russian professional specialists (basic education, experience gained and additional vocational education) from similar characteristics of employees of foreign coun-tries. By these characteristics Russia turns out to be comparable only with not the best coun-tries of the third world (India, Venezuela, Mexico). The greatest lag is in the characteristic of knowledge renewal. This is due primarily to the fact that Russia has been poorly involved in the third educational revolution, which is an organic element of the genesis of post-industrial society – a transition not only to the mass education of higher education, but also to «lifelong learning».
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