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The Influence of Geopolitical Factors and Multiculturalism on the Personnel Security of Russian Federation

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Опубликовано на портале: 22-07-2020
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In general, one would probably agree with the fact that geopolitical factors and multiculturalism both have a considerable influence on the personnel security. Factors such as the human mobility, the quality of human resources, internal and international migration, regional policies as well as the political and economic decisions of the central governments, or even the brain drain that involves the outflux of the highly-qualified specialists are all linked to the profound institutional changes that are taking place in our globalized and interconnected multicultural world. Moreover, personnel security is deeply linked to the national security which makes it very crucial for any country. Our paper focuses on the assessment of the specifics of personnel security in Russia and its vast regions. It shows the main trends and issues that are related to the personnel security in Russia and demonstrate the strength and weaknesses stemming from them. Moreover, we identify the factors influencing the personnel security in the country and give recommendations for its improvement. We provide a blueprint for the institutional research that sheds the light on these factors and helps to understand how they should be treated. Moreover, we provide some relevant and valuable recommendations regarding the substantiation of personnel policy directions at the federal, regional, and local levels. Our results might be of a special interest for regional and central policymakers, relevant stakeholders, and researchers.
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