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Paradoxes of The Russian Digitalization Programs

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Опубликовано на портале: 26-06-2021
The Russian Federation is in the process of forming an «information society», which includes information and computer technologies as its external attributes. The process of informatization is developing in three main areas-education, work, and interaction between government and civil society – based on national programs, primarily «Electronic Russia» and its continuation. However, their implementation in Russia is characterized by a number of contradictions between the real tasks of ensuring sustainable development of the Russian Federation and formal settings for the growth of formal indicators of Informatization. As a result, the Russian Federation may fall further behind the technologically developed countries of the world, both in terms of the level of information support for the economy and public relations, and in terms of the level of information technologies development themselves. To remedy the situation, it is proposed to take measures to change the practice of goal-setting, to serve the interests of production, public administration and social needs.
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